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Viva la France

Fien's journey has certainly become our journey as well. The journey to the world of being “different”. Our daughter gave us a glimpse into this world in a way we'd never seen it before. Not just a look at all the limitations that this world carries with it, but perhaps a look at all the possibilities that life can offer as a result. The mega big worry that comes into your life, but also the intense moments of happiness when your child suddenly makes progress, even if they are so small. And then the moments when you experience peace for a while and can intensely enjoy a sunbeam or "very simple" a cup of tea. Suddenly the word "enjoy" has a completely different meaning. We cherished these moments immensely and still do! We wanted to learn everything so that we could take care of our daughter at home as much as possible. Inserting a nasogastric tube, replacing a PEG tube, catheterizing, flushing her intestines, it didn't matter to us all. This gave us the enormous feeling of freedom. We could go wherever we wanted, and we did. Traveling... that's what we loved and longed for. With the modified caravan, loaded with all the medical stuff we could possibly need, medical certificates in the right languages, a phone number for a doctor in our pocket and off we go. She loved it  and we got to know her even better and enjoyed it with her. The most amazing thing is that during 1 of these trips, we had to say goodbye to her. We were in France at that time and had enjoyed another 2 weeks together. And then the moment came... so suddenly but also very calmly, as if it had to be, she decided to continue her journey there "under the French starry sky" to an even more beautiful existence. Now 2 years later, we can't wait to hit the road again. Just to catch a glimpse of this beautiful sky. There...wherever she continued her journey.